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Who We Are

Brings Bangkok street flavors to Austin Area

P Thai’s Khao Man Gai is a restaurant brand on a mission, aiming to introduce the vibrant flavors of Thai-Chinese style Hainan Chicken Rice to Austin. Led by Chef Thai Changthong, who’s made a name at Thai Kun, the menu promises a delightful journey. Seamlessly transporting the rich heritage of Thai cuisine from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the heart of Austin, P Thai’s Khao Man Gai invites diners to experience a fusion of flavors like never before.

Furthermore, Chef Thai seamlessly blends his mother’s recipes and traditions into every plate, creating a cultural bridge that invites you to relish the genuine taste of cross-cultural harmony.

Despite inflation, Chef Thai remains devoted to using only the freshest ingredients in his dishes. While he is committed to providing an authentic dining experience, he continuously explores new ingredients and techniques to craft unique and delicious specials, ensuring each dish is a masterpiece.

So, if you’re on the lookout for the best and only Khao Man Gai in the city, P Thai’s Khao Man Gai is the ideal destination. Come join us on a culinary journey at P Thai’s Khao Man Gai, and we are promising to tantalize your taste buds and also transport you to the heart of Thailand.

Austin’s First Khao Man Gai Restaurant

Allow us to introduce you to the crown jewel of our offerings – Khao Man Gai, the beloved Thai-Chinese style Hainan chicken rice. This dish is a symphony of simplicity and also sophistication, beautifully embodying the very essence of Thai street food. Envision tender poached chicken, fragrant chicken oil-infused rice, and finally a tantalizing dipping sauce – each bite transcends mere sustenance. Surely it is a culinary journey that transports you to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Nestled within the Hong Kong Supermarket, we bring a unique culinary to life. In your quest for the best Khao Man Gai in Austin, let it be known that your search concludes here. Chef Thai crafts special Thai street delicacies, curated occasionally, bringing the authentic taste of Thailand to our table. These unique creations not only satisfy curiosity but also evoke a sense of home for those who miss the flavors of their homeland.

Thai Cuisine

In order to give you the OG experience, we do not allow any substitutions. Thank you!

Thai Chicken with Chicken Fat Rice, also served with P Thai’s special fermented bean ginger chili sauce, cucumbers, and a side of chicken soup. 

Khao Man Gai

P Thai’s Fried Chicken with Chicken Fat Rice, also served with house made sweet chili sauce, cucumbers and a side of chicken soup.

Khao Man Gai Tod

P Thai’s Chicken and Fried Chicken combo with Chicken Fat Rice, also served with fermented bean ginger chili sauce, sweet chili sauce, cucumbers and a side of chicken soup. 

Khao Man Gai Combo

Sliced Fried Pork Belly with jasmine rice, also served with cucumbers and nam prik nam pla sauce. 

P Thai's Fried Pork Belly
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